December 20, 2008

Pink Little Package

I went to Victoria Secret about a month and a half ago to do some Christmas shopping and when i checked out the cashier put a gift card in the bag which was for me and it was either worth $10,$50,$100 or $500. I totally forgot about it and just threw it in the bag. Well last weekend while I was getting things out of the bag to do my wrapping I saw the gift card. I was going to throw it out because I figured it was not worth much well HOLY SHIT it was worth $100.
I went on line and got my self some undies a sweatshirt oh and Mike in the background said get something sexy. I thought about myself and just getting what I wanted after all it is always about ME but I figured this isn't my money it's Victoria's money so I said what the hell. Yesterday my pink little package came with a pink little something something inside and well I got me a little something something.

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