December 23, 2008


I sit here and think about all the stuff I still have to do before tomorrow and with me working on Christmas Eve is really putting my patience level at a all time high.

I still have to go to the grocery store tonight which usually is fun for me but with everybody doing their shopping well you get the point.

Patience is needed to deal with my control freak of a mother, a lazy ass as a brother (love you but you know its true) a father who pretty much goes with the flow of things but when him and my mother are toegther who knows.

Patience will be needed when there are people at the house and my OCD will be in high gear. I am super anal with my counters being clean which is quite annoying to most people because I stand right by them waiting to clean up after them. I went to the dollar store and bought a plastic table cloth to put on the counter which will probably me more of a pain then anything but will see.

Mike and I were on our hands and knees yesterday cleaning the floors but really for what? Why do people clean their houses from top to bottom when guests are coming only to get dirty 5 minutes upon their arrival. This I will need big time patience for.

I can go on and on but like I said in my first post I am living in the moment and enjoying the day.



Anonymous said...

Ugghhh, don't you just hate it already. I'm so glad I'm not having dinner at my place for the holidays. I finished my shopping after work today and just have to bake tomorrow for dinner at my moms house on Christmas. Hopefully you will make it through the holidays without much stress. NOT!!! My recommendation have a drink and make the most of it. Things get really bad...have another drink and make the most of it. ENJOY!!

Jen said...

So glad you're blogging and I never quite got the whole clean the house spotless before people come just so you can do it again after they leave, but I too have issues with OCD, so I don't have any answers for ya.

I'll be be back!