January 28, 2009

Eyes Through a 4-year old

I asked Evelyn everyday last week what was her favorite part of the day was and this is what she had to say

1/18 - Making pancakes with pipa (peeeepa) aka my mother.
1/19 - Pipa was here
1/20 - playing nintendo at Bridget's (babysitter)
1/21 - coming home
1/22 - going to Red Robin for daddy's birthday
1/23 - eating pizza
1/24 - going to dancing school

You know what the best part of my day is..........

What's the best part of your day?


Jen said...

Love these photos! If you didn't put all that mushy stuff in this post I would have said my favorite part of the day was bedtime. Now I can't say that and not feel like a shitty mom. So the best part of my day is dinnertime. When we all stop what we are doing and talk and eat and enjoy each other. My SIL gave us this great game called Table Talk with all these cool topics to discuss at dinner and it's been very enlightening.

Nice post!

brenda said...

They are the most beautiful little girls I have seen in a very long time.My best time of the day:going home..just to relax. Fridays are the best when Nick (my grandson) comes over for the week-end,we have a blast..:)