January 12, 2009

Facebook friend or fake??

If you have not heard of facebook by now well then you probably have not heard of my blog either and have been living in the year 2008.

Facebook has been around for a while February 2004 to be exact but in the last two months my facebook has blown up with friend requests, gift requests from people that I was once friends with either in elementary, junior or high school. I thought that I would never see these people again so it is really nice seeing how they turned out and who they married and how many kids they have, etc.

The thing that gets me with this facebook thing is that you get a friend request from somone that you have not seen in years and you accept their friend request and then what? maybe a hi how are you , where do you live the basic bullshit or maybe you just click confirm friend request and then that person will sit with my other friends that to be honest I probably would not be friends with today. Why? because they were probably fake in school and talked smack behind my back. Does this "friend" give a shit about where I live, and how many kids I have? I don't think so.

If I saw this person that I have not seen in years in a store would they reckognize me? probably not because I killed way to many brain cells from my school years to my mommy years to remeber.

This is not high school were you are competing to see who has the most friends. This is real life people and in real life how many "real" friends do you have?


CassJustCurious said...

Hey Gina! Mike told me that he passed on my blog to you but he wasn't so kind as to pass yours on to me.

I totally hear you about this Facebook debacle. I got one friend request from the burg and that led to another and another and another and lets be honest for a second- these people freaking hated me in high school and I hated them too. They're not a "friend' of mine they really just wanted to see the pictures on my account. And while I'm being honest I accepted their friend status because I wanted to see what they hell they looked like after a decade.

Real life friends = 6. Facebook friends = 99. Disconnect, I think yes.

Anonymous said...

Hi...Just found your blog from Cass who shared this post. I was JUST thinking this same thing today about FB. I've only been on Facebook for a couple weeks now, and have been 'friended' by many people who I haven't talked to in like 15 years. So I get their friend request, and then...nada. No hi, how are ya, what have you been up to. Are people just collecting friends to show how cool they are with a ton of "friends?" Is there some Facebook protocol I don't know about? Am I dropping the ball by not sending a message to them first? If you ask me, if you were the one who wanted to be my friend, maybe you should be the first one to say hello. Or are there some unwritten FB rules I haven't heard about?

Jen said...

All this and your comments make me happy I never understood FB or MS. Once, before starting the blog, I tried to do a MySpace page and not only was it weird...I got a virus on my PC and I just know it was that....