January 20, 2009

HAPPY 8 MONTHS - Jan 21, 2009

You started crawling 1 week shy of 8months
I think you rather walk then crawl.
You have two bottom teeth
You are a great sleeper
You love to eat
You love when your sister sings to you
You love to pull your sister's hair
You love Codie
Your nosy like your mother
You clap hands
You love your baths
You love to have your diaper changed
You don't take a pacifier
I love hearing you laugh
I love how you look when you wake up
You get really excited seeing us first thing in the morning
You get cranky from 6:45 until bed time at 8:00
You are the sweetest baby and everybody loves you.


Anonymous said...

wow...THIS IS GREAT. like a diary but everyone can join in.

Ken said...

Remember to save this for her, when she's older she can look back at it.