January 16, 2009

Procrastination - What a BITCH

Procrastination is something that I am very good at.

I have been procrastinating on re-doing our spare room so Evelyn can move in their and Jessi can have Evelyn's room. The clothes that we have accumulated is crazy. How can one person have a million pair of jeans?and the funny part is that they are all different sizes from size 2-14
Currently I am in a size 6/8 so I got rid of everything above that and kept the 2's for inspiration.

Back to procrastinating - Jessi will be 8 months next week and is still sleeping in her crib in our room. This is not good because it seems she is a light sleeper so when we go to bed and the floor creaks she gets up and the pain in the ass a.k.a codie makes alot of noise to so that doesnt help.
We have not really tried the crying out method because when your in the same room it just goes goes right through you and when you have to get up for work in the morning lets be honest who wants to deal with that so what happens Jessi is in the bed with us. This is the worst thing and I am so against this but she falls right back asleep so I am not complaining.

The other night I had an idea why I didnt think of it sooner I dont know. We put the pack n play in the spare room on Tuesday night and she slept like a baby (no pun intented) that night and Wednesday night, but of course last night the pain in the ass went in the roon and she woke up and of course we tried to do the crying out method yeah that lasted about 10 minutes.

Top ten Things we are currently procrastinating on.
1. Re-doing the spare room
2. Cleaning the clothes in the spare room
3. Changing the lights outside
4. Shredding paid bills from last year
5. Painting the chips in the wall from the window installers on Monday.
6. Putting the laundry away.
7. Taking Evelyn sledding
8. Watching shows we DVR'd this week
9. Snowblowing/Shoveling the drive way
10. Moving to a warmer climate

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Your bro said...

take care of everything except #10 keep prroooocrastinating on that one please