January 30, 2009

Reality Check

Things really suck this week........

With layoff's in the thousand's around our area things are not looking promising.

I see it first hand people losing their jobs, getting walked out of the building not even allowed to go back to your desk to get your personal items. What gives??? Hello this is not the FBI

Thank goodness this has not effected our family directly but who is to say one day that it won't

You hear all these major companies laying off a record number of people, it really truly breaks my heart because everyone has a story. Who is to say who's situation is worse it all just sucks.

Also today I found out that one of my friends that I work with lost his 34 year old brother with 2 small children. I am hearing that he never woke up but who know's. This truly saddens me I have been very upset and crying all morning. Did I know his brother? No. But I know my friend and my heart goes out to him and his family.

This is a Reality Check and I am seeing this first hand this week and to be honest it SUCKS BALLS.


Brenda k said...

Things are really bad right now. People are losing not just their jobs, but their homes! It is a sad situation when the people in the U.S. can have this much "poverty". And here we are helping all the third world countries. Wake up US, charity STARTS AT HOME. :(

Jen said...

I agree with Brenda. I know there is suffering all over the world but the US can't even take care of their own!

Sorry you are feeling down. That's just awful news about your friend.

Luv Ya!~