January 18, 2009

Sledding - Check

With fresh snowfall this morning and the temps close to 30 with no wind it was perfect for sledding.
I can now check that off my procrastination list.

We went to a park close by that is popular place for sledding. It's nice to see other people enjoying the perfect winter day but some parents are clueless I mean tell your kid when they are walking back up the hill not to walk in the middle instead walk on the side that is designated for walking. I so wanted to say get out of the way well I kinda of wanted to say something else but I bit my tongue.

Of course Evelyn loved it and she is a tough little thing she went down the hill and then walked her self back up carrying her own sled. Once a little boy carried it for her. That's my girl.

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Anonymous said...

How come no photos of parents sledding?