February 9, 2009

Frills vs. No Frills

This weekend I hit this new grocery store that I have been hearing good things about it's one of those cheap, no frills, bring your own bags, pack your own groceries type of store. I have a problem with these kind of stores because things are cheap so you tend to buy more or things that you really don't need which I am so guilty of.

At check out I had a grocery bill of $83 with some necessities and some what the hell items...The things that bugs me the most is I still had to go to the other frilly store with all the bells and whistles to buy other necessity items such as baby food, diapers and other things that the no frills store just didn't have or I will not buy because I have a issue with they way things look.

My mom was up for the weekend so Mike and I had a "date night" at the supermarket at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday. When this happens we tend to spend more because as Mike put it I look for the cheap price but he looks for the value so even though the item might be more money you are getting more for your money then the cheaper item. I guess that is how they get you or dummies like me that don't realize the true value of a dollar.

$83.00 + $143.00 = I will do one stop shopping where ever that may be.

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Anonymous said...

I shop at the frilly places and buy the name brands. I make a list of what I need while I am looking at the flyers from the frilly stores. I buy what I like when the item is on sale and then get an even better deal when I use my coupons. I have also become pretty good in the kitchen and I'm now making my own guacamolle, sangria and pancakes from scratch. Breakfast in bed anyone?