February 20, 2009

Relationships - 101

Are relationships supposed to be hard????

Throughout my life I have had relationships with people or things that sometimes were not healthy. Maybe one person was more into the relationship then the other person. There are all types good and bad and it's not fun when you put your heart and soul into something that just doesn't work.

Think about it, you have a relationship with just about anything.

- Your car - you rely on your car to get you places and when it breaks down you feel abandoned.

- Your cellphone - you can feel pretty lost without it especially when the battery has no juice and you really need to make a call.

- Your computer - no need for a explanation there.

Some people have addicting relationships with food, technology, clothes, drugs or alcohol that can effect relationships with other things.

I am seeing this first hand right now where an addicting relationship is effecting a very special relationship. It's hard on me and people I love and I don't know what to do. :(


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, if you want the relationship to continue, let it work. Just do not enable the addiction. If you feel you can, work on helping rid the addiction. Can't do more then give you encouragment and love when you need it. K

CassJustCurious said...

I read the first line of this post and thought "sweet jesus I didn't THINK so but it seems like all it IS is hard."

I'm trying to get to the place where I put boundaries on the negative stuff so that the relationship doesn't feel so difficult all the time. I am hopeful it will help makes things better...but who knows.

CassJustCurious said...
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CassJustCurious said...

Hey Gina- I'm back because I couldn't e-mail you back from your comment. Lexi has oatmeal cereal - the rice cereal was too light for her. She's VERY hungry - lol. If you want to take this off the blogs e-mail me at cassjustcurious@gmail.com.