February 4, 2009

Wednesday Nights = Free of Evelyn

Wednesday nights are special for Evelyn because she goes by Meema and Papa's house for dinner and quality time. Mike and I usually use this time to catch up on some "adult things".

Even though Evelyn is only gone for about 2 hours we miss her but then she comes home and she is all wound up and she needs to take a shower and it seems like she is very hyper and I threaten her with your not going to go to meema and papa's anymore because you don't listen when you come home. It's one of those empty threats that parents use.

When it was just Evelyn and she would go there on Wednesday nights I would come home and go on the computer or Mike and I would do shopping. I got to tell you it's weird not having your kids at home.

The pain in the ass aka Codie has been at my mom's for the past two weeks so it has been so peaceful in the house especially when I come home from work and I don't have him jumping on me to go out and Evelyn saying "mommy can I go on the computer" and Jessi being fidgety to get out of the car seat.

This Wednesday night I will have some me time to do some Valentine's shopping.

Thank you Mike.

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