February 1, 2009

Yummy Yummy to my tummy

Making Eggplant parm is such a pain in the ass but so worth it in the end.

When I went to the store yesterday I walked by the eggplants and they were just calling me name so I said "what the hell" and I bought 1 eggplant, I mean making one eggplant is not that big of a deal but when you have a 4 year old assisting well anything is a big deal.

I am not just blogging about the eggplant I want everyone to know that my honey bunny ate my eggplant. Those who know him, well he can be a very picky eater but over the last year he has really surprised me by trying things that he once said "I don't like that". I am falling in love all over because now I feel like when I cook these things I know he will enjoy it along with me but then again I can make him a tuna fish sandwich for dinner and he will love it.

Evelyn is a much better eater then her father. She will pretty much eat anything. She asks for me to make her broccoli and pasta and she sucked down 8 backed clams on Christmas Eve. Mike and I were looking at each other like EWWWWWWWWW but we don't want to discourage her.

Poor Jessi girl wants to eat eggplant parm. I am afraid the chicken noodle dinner just isn't cutting it. Soon baby girl soon.


BRENDA K said...

She is correct. The egg plant parm was GREAT. I know she brought me a some in...UMMMMMM....GOOD STUFF.

Jen said...

It's dinner time and I am starving...thanks!

I don't make it that often because Spencer & I are the only ones that will eat it:-(

You can make us some anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like eggplant parm and you know that my birthday is coming up real soon.............oh yeah you live way upstate.