March 13, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

This morning I wanted to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee. As always I am a little behind schedule and really should not be stopping but hey it's Friday and I deserve one.

When I pull in the parking lot I scope out the place like a detective scoping out a hard core criminal deciding on whether to walk in leaving the kids in the car yeah I know mother of the year award or go through the drive thru. I usually do the drive thru depending on where line of cars is. I have a cut off point if they are at a certain place I will go inside or just say FUCK it and leave. Pissed off of course.

This morning I decided to go in and there were 2 people in front of me which isn't to bad except they have the slowest ladies at the counter. The drive thru I think is a lot faster when it comes to service especially in the morning. It's like crack addicts waiting for their dealer to give them their drugs.

It played out like this.

2 ladies doing the counter the one on the left helped the customer and the customer walked away. I quickly walked to the counter and the slow ass lady walked away now I am thinking ok where did she go, I got to get out of here. I looked out at my car a hundred times while I was in there because you know the kids were in there. As I patiently waited for her because everyone knows I have a ton of patience the lady on the right called next and I am like shit how can I jump to that lady while there is now a line 10 long. Plus I know the person behind me probably would not of been to happy I know I would of made and issue out of someone cutting me. After what felt like an hour I hear those words "what can I get you" Ahhhhh music to my ears.

What the hell to they put in that coffee that makes me feel like I need you sweet medium with cream and 1 splenda?????

I get back in the car with a chocolate munchkin for my munchkin and Evelyn saying "mommy you were gone for a long time" . The guilt I felt but hey I felt guilty with my coffee in the cup tray.



Anonymous said...

And you left the car running and open, didn't you. Bad Mommy! You should be spanked but then we would end up reading about how much you liked it!

Mariana said...

ahaha loved it!!!