March 12, 2009

The Dentist Just Sucks

My sweet Evelyn has a cavity. OH NO!!!!!
She has a little anxiety problem about the dentist, it could be that I HATE the dentist and bitch about it every time I have to go. I rather spread my legs for my HOT GYN doctor then open my mouth under a bright light so all can see my imperfections on my face and gotta love the drill and the thing that collects your spit and sucks the fat inside your mouth. I HATE the FUCKING DENTIST (yes caps is need and the f word is really needed)
Evelyn had a not so good experience at the "big people" dentist a few months back. This was her 2nd time going for a cleaning and the hygienist decided that she needed X-rays so she stuck the X-ray film things in her small mouth and they hurt her. Of course they are going to hurt especially when you are using adult size on my child. DUMB BITCH. Evelyn now does not like the dentist and when I told her we were going it was automatic tears. I had to explain to her that we were going to the kids dentist and that they will not take any pictures. I had our babysitter talk to her about it. Her friends go to the same dentist so that kinda of made her at ease.
We get to the dentist and they call us back and she still was all smiles. In a millisecond she started crying and stomped off. I explained to her that they were just going to look and they were not going to take any pictures. Evelyn sat on my lap through the cleaning and the hygienist was very nice, I think you would have to be dealing with kids all day. All in all it went very well and I was really proud of her.
The dentist came to look at her and he was a bit of a "fruitcake" but he was nice. He said that she does have a cavity and for kids that have anxiety over the dentist they will give them laughing gas. I am not sure what the correct medical term is. He told me this and I started tearing up. He assured me that it is not a sedative and there are no side effects and once they shut it off it's none. It sounds harmless. Guess what? Her daddy will be taking her to the
April 3rd appointment.

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Anonymous said...

Remember one thing, your children will want to be just like you and they will USUALLY do what you do. And when it comes to holidays and special occassions, they will totally be you. So if you say the "DENTIST SUCKS" they will think any DENTIST sucks. Cause "mommy said so!"