March 5, 2009

Disabilty or Advantage??

Season 8 of American Idol is upon us and I have to say that I am not to excited about the prospects. I have my favorites but I don't feel that WOW factor like other contestants that have been on the previous seasons or Justin Timberlake.
One person who is not in my favorite category is Scott MacIntyre. He is the first blind person to embark on the American Idol phenomon. I will give it to him he is a better singer then I am. One thing I do notice about him is that he does put his heart and soul in his performances. Maybe when they advance to the next round and he can play with his piano he will change my mind. Will see.
I don't feel he should of made the top 12. I think there were better singers that should of went through. I don't usually vote so I really don't have a right to complain however if he didn't have a disability would he of advanced?

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