March 9, 2009

Random Thoughts - I have many

Mike and I were watching Making the Band on MTV the other night. I have to say this is one of our guilty pleasures along with How I met your mother, Two and half men, 24, The Unit, Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol and Friday night lights. We both like shows that the other is not to fond of and that's ok but for the most part we are on the same page with TV shows.

Anyway if you do not watch Making the Band you can stop reading now since you will not have a clue what I am talking about.

The band Day 26 is saying that they have no money and they are broke. They were supposed to be in the studio recording their 2nd album but due to paperwork not being filled out or some other bullshit they have not been able to book shows because realistically they thought they would be in the studio. When they do shows they make money and to make money they do shows so basically they are screwed. They are not working and just hanging around this beautiful apartment that Diddy supplys for them.

What makes me laugh is these guys that complain they have no money are wearing these ridiculous looking hats. I have never in my life seen anything so stupid.

If they would of saved the money that they spent on these hats or their Louis Vitton bags maybe they wouldn't be bitching.

Plus Diddy does not have a good track record with these bands. They all fall apart. That should be their first clue to get OUT.

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