March 19, 2009

Super everything

I LOVE Jo Frost aka Supernanny. Whoever has kids I am sure heard of Supernanny.

I love watching other kids behave like wild animals when my two angels are sleeping on a Friday night at 9 p.m.

What is it about this british women that can get these kids to do a complete 360 on their behavior? It's because she has PATIENCE and is CONSISTENT in her ways.

I blame the parents 95% of the time on the way their kids behave. When parents do not set schedules and are not consistent and do not set boundaries with their kids yeah your kid is going to act up thinking they can get away with misbehaving.

Once in a while Evelyn and I will sit and watch and when the kids are acting crazy she says to me" mommy their bad". When Evelyn acts up I try some of the supernanny techniques out and they do work, I tell Mike I saw this on supernanny.

I also noticed that Jo Frost is not only a nanny but she becomes a friend to these moms that are so desperate for attention. She is a marriage counselor to these couples that are so stressed out from dealing with misbehaved kids that they don't take time out for themselves or at each others throat not knowing how to deal with the stress.

I would love for her to come and visit and not for a supernanny lesson but maybe for a spot of tea.

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