April 7, 2009

Coffey Talk

Mike is a fan of the show Paranormal State on A&E, I personally don't watch the show because well it will probably give me the heebe jibbies. When Mike said Chip was going to be in Buffalo and he asked me if I wanted to go I said sure this should be interesting, plus he is going to give readings to the attendees either a physic or medium question will be allowed. Only 60 tickets were to be sold only about 35 people showed so it was really intimate and personal.

I must tell you that this experience was very emotional, spiritual and inspirational in so many ways for these people who have lost loved ones that are just looking for a tiny bit of connection with the dead. I pretty much cried the whole time hearing these stories and feeling happy for them knowing they can walk away with joy in their hearts knowing their loved ones are ok.

It was totally worth the money and I would definitely do it again and I might now become a fan of Paranormal State.

As Chip put it Paranormal activity is
1. something you can't prove
2. something you can't explain
3. definitely can not deny something is going on

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