April 13, 2009

Her Sunday Best

Our little Evelyn has become quite the church goer. I personally think she likes the donuts and juice and running around with the other kids after more then sitting through an hour mass.

I started taking her and then well I had issues with my back and pregnant so sitting in the pews is not the most comfortable thing. My mother has been taking her on Sunday's when she comes and visit for the weekend and this past Sunday which was Easter she drove and 1hr and 15 minutes to take her to mass. God Bless my mom for doing that.

Evelyn even likes to pray before dinner and I am pretty sure she got that from the in-laws.
I am making this promise to my daughter and to myself that I will start taking her to church on Sunday's. I promise, I promise. Maybe if I keep telling myself this I will really want to go to church.

1 comment:

CassJustCurious said...

She looks so sweet - for donuts I might even go to Mass. Well, maybe not.