April 23, 2009

Maybe, Maybe Not????

I am a big time news junkie. I am obsessed with msnbc.com and check it daily along with 3 newspapers that I read on line. I like to be informed on what's going on around me. Don't get me wrong I browse people and other gossip sites because well I need to know who's screwing who or who has the newest baby bump.

What gets me is why does the media circut say things like "chewing gum may help teens crunch numbers" (this was on msnbc today) well does it or doesn't it. With all the studies in the world you would think things like this would be confirmed. I am using this for an example because that is what caught my eye today.

Everytime there is a commercial on t.v for medicine there is always the guy who talks really fast who gives all the warnings and says taking xxx may cause this or may cause that. Give me the program does it or does it not cause these things. (see post on 2/24) This bothers me that is why I am mentioning this again as I feel it is worth repeating.

I question myself all the time on things that I should maybe do or maybe not do. I want confirmed answers no better yet I NEED to make up by mind and say FUCK it this is what I am doing and sticking with it.


Anonymous said...

WOW....who wound you up? you go girl tell it like it is...no holding back... :)

brenda k

Anonymous said...

I guess if a movie gets a bad review you're not going to see it. Shame, why would you want to take a gay guy's opinion as law. Everybody is different, so medicines and such are going to work in different ways. I feel sorry for the poor mouse that had the runs for a week before his nuts fell off. Sad...:(