April 21, 2009

Our Sweet Evelyn is growing up

Mike and I were watching t.v on Sunday night in our bedroom trying to catch up on our shows and about 11:00 we here our sweet Evelyn get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Mike and I quickly muted the t.v and were waiting for her to finish in the bathroom and come into our room but our little girl is growing up and probably realized that if she went back in her own room to go back to sleep it would be comfortable for everyone involved. Mike was so amazed by this he said "It's like taking her first steps". We went on for 5 minutes about the fact that she went back into her own room to go to sleep. At first we thought she was going to get her blanket and harbie yes it's harbie not barbie which is a rainbow bunny, but no she went back to sleep.

Another thing is the whole pull up situation. This girl has not had a wet pull up in forever to be honest I can not even remember the last time she woke up wet. I told her the next morning that she didn't need the pull ups because she is a big girl and that when you have to go to the bathroom you wake up and go. Her new thing is putting the pull up on and then underwear. I guess she feels like she is wearing underwear with the security of the pull up.

I did try it in the summer when I was home and well it did not go over so well. The week we did it she woke up soak and wet 3 times. It was actually kinda of funny because she would come in and say " the monsters did it"or that she didn't pee and she doesn't know what happened. I'm sorry but there is nothing like waking up at 5 am to a child that is soaked and stinks of piss and also having to give her a bath. Needless to say the pull ups went back on and have stayed on ever since.

I guess it comes down to mommy accepting that I might have to deal with piss at 5 in the morning. You know what I'll pass and she can wear pull ups the rest of her life if it means mommy can sleep till 7am.


Anonymous said...

You guys have such a cute little family. God Bless..

Jen said...

Wow! That IS a big step! And I totally agree...pull-ups are a small price to pay for some sleep.