April 27, 2009

Weekend Love =

- going for a walk while Evelyn rides her bike with meltdowns along the way
- going for ice cream @ my favorite spot
- going to bed the same time my honey bunny does so we can snuggle
- waking up Saturday to a beautiful day
- Mike taking his EIT test meaning that he will be home on Tuesday nights
- Evelyn's karate teacher saying that she picks up things quickly and is very good but has to work on her focusing. LOL
- finding Evelyn a cute skirt, dress and pair of shoes all for under $13.00 and her loving them
- Mike coming home after a long day to a special dinner
- starting Evelyn on mother's day projects
- Jessi napping naked on a hot day because her diaper rash needs "air" time
- eating dinner outside on the patio
- Evelyn, Mike and Codie playing in the grass
- bathing the babies
- renting a movie on the "watch" list
- getting a hey how are you email from my friend Ken who is the only one who leaves comments on my blog. Shout out to Ken
- Jessi waking up at 12 am and hanging out with her while she entertained me.
- Jessi falling asleep in my arms at 3 am
- Jessi waking up at 9 am
- sleeping in till 11 am
- Mike and Evelyn washing my van inside and out
- Jessi and I people watching at the grocery store while I enjoyed a cup of coffee
- finding the most perfect mother's day card which I am just going to keep for my self
- Jessi changing car seats to the bigger forward facing one
- homemade chicken soup
- picking up around the house
- finally sitting down at 9:30 to watch a t.v show
- taking a HOT shower
- passing out with the honey bunny


Anonymous said...

That was a very good post. I like all of the honey talk.... I love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

you all are so cute. Such a lovely family. Gina & Mike you are both blessed. :)

Jen said...

Very sweet post. I have a thing for lists...love them! And, HELLO!, I comment on your blog all the time, sista!

Anonymous said...

Yeah but I send cheery e-mails and the best cards when least expected!
Thanks for the shout out.