May 13, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day

I am a little late but better then never paying tribute to Mother's Day. I am feeling out of the blogger loop since all the blogs I read have already done so.

We did a mini celebration on Saturday morning since the girls and I were going to my mother's for the night. I like to get my presents in bed because well I just like to be in bed.

I told Mike not to spend a lot of money and well he didn't listen so I am not sure if I should be pissed or not. My gift will probably become a family item since Evelyn has already said "mommy can I use it?"

I did received a very special gift that Evelyn picked out. Mike asked her what she wanted to get mommy and she said a heart necklace. I am not a jewelery person at all. The only piece of jewelery that I wear daily are my earrings and totally feel lost without them. I don't even wear my wedding rings but I am in total love with my heart and I have not taken it off since Sunday.

When they were driving home Mike told Evelyn that if Mommy asks you what we got her tell her a Mets hat so as I was getting dinner ready she was whispering to Mike and all I heard was mets hat, mets hat and Mike is saying be quiet as she is giggling. I was pretty certain that they got me a Met's Hat. I was wrong and glad that I was.

The next day Mike told me that she was playing up to it and he didn't tell her to say that in front of me she did that all on her own. It was cute.

I feel so blessed, honored and proud to be a mother to these girls. Thank you


Jen said...

Gorgeous! So is the necklace! Way to go Evelyn! (and daddy)

Anonymous said...

you are very blessed & best of all you know it. The necklace is beautiful. Adorable girls. Mike is a very lucky man to have 3 beautiful women in is life as all three of you are to have him in your lives.