May 20, 2009

One Year Old


You were born at 7:18 p.m. on Wed May 21. Your first year of life has flown by and you have brought our family so much joy. We love you so much and could not imagine life without you.

You are the best baby and make everyday a joy

You are still the best sleeper and eater

You like your schedule

You started to walk on May 18

You observe everything around you

You have the sweetest disposition

You are not a good traveler in the car for 6 hours

You are a super fast crawler

Your first word was Hello as you put the phone up to your ear and you look so
damm cute when you say it

You like climbing the stairs

You love taking a bath with your sister

You love your sister

You love the swing

You try to crawl up the slide

You love Codie

You love to give open mouth kisses tongue and all

You are picking up some of mommy's hot dance moves

You try to copy your sister doing karate

When we tell you No, you give the saddest little pout with your lip curled out that we laugh because it's too cute

I truly feel that you were an angel sent to us for different reasons that is for a later time. I want to thank them for sending you to our family.


Anonymous said...

wow...ONE YEAR OLD. time flys. When reading this,yes, I teared up. She has changed (looks) so much. She his truly a little angel.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessie girl love Uncle Mike

Jen said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Anonymous said...

One year old and I didn't send a card....argghhhhhhhhhhhh oh it's okay the world is still intact.
Happy Birthday Jessie.