May 23, 2009

Tis the Season of

- BBQ's with friends and family

- swimming in the pool

- visits to our favorite ice cream spot

- yard filled with toys

- freshly cut grass

- camping in our yard

- swimming in our pool

- nightime fires in our fire pit

- dirty feet

- dirty floors

- sunblock

- babies staying up past their bedtime enjoying every last bit of sunlight

- babies bathed every night

- air conditioners

- picnics at the park

- getting up early and loving it

- extra days off of work

- babies birthday's

- summer clothes

- painted toes

- staying right at our house and enjoying every waking minute.


Anonymous said...

you have the life!!! But then again you have earned it. LOVIN do know the true meaning of "life"!! Enjoy...


Jen said...

I love lists like these! We had a great time seeing you guys this weekend and having the girls for an impromptu day! Hope your week goes well!