June 17, 2009

Can you say annoying & spoiled?

I will admit that Mike and I watch crap on TV because well there is crap on TV.
One show we started to watch was Tori and Dean on oxygen. I always found Tori Spelling to be annoying and a horrible actress on Beverly Hills 90210 which I was a loyal fan of. Tori aka Donna Martin was always my least favorite so it took me my surprise that I liked her reality show because she was a "real person" sort of.

Watching the first 3 episodes of season 4 I have come to realize that she is as fake as the horrible breast implants that she wears. She is soooooooo annoying and I looked at Mike and said we are not watching this show anymore.

While her parents have millions she has nothing and worked for what she and her gold digger of a husband have now. Dean claims she is a work horse and he pretty much kisses the ground she walks on because let's face it this Canadian cheated on his wife with this bimbo probably thinking $$$$$$.

Tori wants it all a lucrative career acting, writing books, being a fashion/jewelry designer but also wants to be a stay at home mom. All she does is wine about it and honestly it's getting on my last nerve. Put down your blackberry and smell the smog of L.A. Welcome to the real world honey where moms work and take care of their kids without the help of a "baby nurse" and don't complain about it.

Now wonder why you have a strained relationship with your mother you are a spoiled BITCH.

You have lost two viewers of your fingernails on a chalkboard show. I'm done. You and your pussy of a husband are officialy off my DVR schedule.


Anonymous said...

WOW, I get the impression you don't like her. Hey, call her a BITCH if you want but I think her mom is just as BITCHY. :)


Anonymous said...

The bitch ugly, how anyone can stand to watch her on TV for more then 5 minutes has amazing powers. She is one very scary woman.