June 15, 2009

Sanitizer Anyone????

I was pumping gas the other day and I realized how gross it is touching the nozzle and I started thinking of all things that I don't like to touch because it's just gross and germ infested.

- gas nozzle
- shopping cart
- door knobs in public places
- anything in a public bathroom
- hand railings on stairs
- anything in the NYC subway

Luckily I keep a super size hand sanitizer in my car and I usually clean my hand 3 times before I feel that I can touch anything of importance. Maybe that's why my hands are super dry...........

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah, well if you don't God only knows what you will "pick-up". And you have two beautiful girls..don't want them to get something. But of course where we work doesn't help...never mind touching, breathing the air around here will kill you. :)