July 15, 2009

I wish......

  • I could work 3 days a week and stay home 2
  • Or just work in the winter and not in the summer
  • I would blog everyday and post pictures and make it really enjoyable to read
  • My blog was really "popular"
  • I took really good pictures
  • My house was filled with pictures on the walls of family
  • I wasn't a procrastinator sometimes
  • I had a green thumb
  • I didn't have two car payments
  • I wasn't afraid to fly
  • I went to church more often
  • I didn't live so far from my family and friends
  • I lived someplace warmer in the winter
  • I liked my job
  • I didn't like coffee or other things that I will not mention
  • I could have more babies if I knew they would be as good as Evelyn and Jessi
  • I had more friends where I live
  • I liked the mornings enough that I could get up an hour before everybody else
  • I could stay up later at night
  • I exercised more
  • I showed my husband the "love" he deserves
  • I could mention all my wishes on this list.


Anonymous said...

AH, that is so sweet.:)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad we are friends.