July 29, 2009

Reflecting on Life

As July is coming to and end and August is approaching I am reflecting on stuff that I / we have done so far and events that I am looking forward doing. (No particular order just random thoughts)

  • Went on a mini family vacation
  • Evelyn experiencing her first upside down roller coaster
  • Enjoyed a kids free weekend in NYC with my best friend from high school
  • Not feeling one bit of guilt doing it
  • Seeing friends from elementary school days
  • Evelyn starting her school years in September
  • Watching her get on the bus for the first time
  • Looking in her school bag everyday
  • Concert with my best friend aka my hubby
  • Catherine and Mikey visting at the end of August
  • Evelyn's 5th birthday party
  • Jessi starting to say things
  • Watching the girls interact toegther
  • Swimming in the pool as a family
  • Loving my family more and more each day


Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff. You are a Mommy.


Anonymous said...

you have a wonderful life. :)