July 10, 2009

Hershey Kisses, Twizzlers, Roller coasters oh my

Let me start out by saying I broke my camera within hours of our arrival so I have no pictures to post. This is the second camera I broke the same way dropping it right on the lens. First time doesn't count since I was drunk. Hopefully I can take it to a camera shop and they can fix it.

Our week long vacation ran smoothly and was very enjoyable spending time with friends and family that we don't see often enough. I was anxiety free so that is always a plus and I remained to stay very calm in sometimes hairy situations.

The first part of our trip was visiting Mike's grandmother who lives in this old house that was beautiful and off the beaten path with corn fields all around. I asked this 78 year old women if she was scared to stay there by herself and she said "No". I would have to drink myself stupid everynight to stay there by myself but then again I am a chicked shit. Nan had a family bbq and it was nice to see Mike's other side of the family that I have only probably seen a handful of times. It's funny though we live 5 minutes from Mike's parents and hardly see them but yet we drive 5 hours and see them every waking minute for 3 days. Sorry but this is my "staycation" and I want to do what I want to do because you know I am selfish not ride around in a car all cramped to go look at amish even though it was my idea. Ride is your own damm car. God it drives me crazy.

We went to go visit friends of Mike's and man it was nice. They have the perfect house with the perfect T.V's clean and tidy oh yeah did I mentioned they have no kids. When we got there I told him we are going to take over your house for two days and yeah we pretty much did. Luckily we had the entertainment room in the basement so our stuff was out of the way. It was great sleeping conditions cold and dark it was soo perfect. After waking up at the crack ass of dawn at Nan's house for 3 days since the sun was beaming in the windows and 6 am sleeping passed 8 was needed. I even took a 3 hr nap with Jessi while Mike took Evelyn to the sprinkle park. My girls love their sleep and the two days we slept at Mike and Summer's they slept until 8:30.

Mike & Summer made us feel at home as I would expect nothing less. Mike made us a home cooked meal on Tuesday night which was much needed and Wednesday we had a BBQ with old friends that was delicious.

Thursday we headed to Hershey Park and met up with my family and enjoyed a dinner out and swimming in the pool.

Friday and Saturday we headed to the park and enjoyed all that it has to offer from roller coasters to the water park and the million miles we walked in between it was well worth it. To see the excitement in Evelyn's face and Jessi pointing to the rides as we drove by is priceless.

My sweet Evelyn is taking after her father and having no fears of heights or roller coasters and I am so proud of her for that. I have to keep my fear under wraps because kids can sense your emotions and she is headed in the right direction with being fearless. She went on all the roller coasters that she was tall enough for and even did her first loop roller coaster. When her and Mike pulled out of the station they were sitting in the front row. After I cursed Mike under my breath he later told me that she said "Daddy let's sit in the front".

Saturday was July 4th and 10:15 we saw some fireworks and by the time we got back to the hotel we had to carry in two sleeping kids, man I wish someone would of carried me in.
By the time us adults got to bed it was well after 1 am. I was dealing with some issues with my brother and sister but that is for another time.

I wanted to leave by 9 am on Sunday because we had a 5 hr ride ahead of us plus we had to make a detour at my mother's and pick up Codie. That planned got tossed out the window because we didn't wake up until 9. After breakfast and packing we never left until 11:30 by the time we pulled in to our house that I missed it was 6 pm. One of the best feelings in life is sleeping in your bed after you have been away from it for a whole 8 days. I even said to Evelyn are you excited to sleep in your own bed and she said "Oh yeah baby"

Monday was back to reality and well that just plain SUCKS.


Anonymous said...

Vacations and kids, having fun is all that matters.


Anonymous said...

you had a good time... good friends, good food, good "family" (well almost)... don't complain..