August 3, 2009

My other half

I don't mention him in my blogs like I should so I am dedicating this post all to him.
  • I met him at a bar in Ocean City, MD
  • He went into the Navy and was medically discharged and moved to NYC
  • We moved in together not knowing each other a year
  • He handles my craziness, mood swings and family issues with patience
  • He has a lot of patience
  • He is a better housewife then me
  • I went to 3 Justin Timberlake concerts in a year, 2 in NYC and he didn't care
  • He trusts me
  • He takes great pride in washing the cars
  • He makes the bed when we put new sheets on it
  • He can find anything when I say "Honey I can't find that pair of pants I wore 3 years ago"
  • He loves us girls
  • He makes better french toast then my mother
  • He is an only child
  • He doesn't care what other people think about him
  • He went to 2 N'SYNC concerts with me but I won't go to one of his "rock" concerts
  • He tells me to take a nap on the weekends because he knows I like sleep
  • He is such a hands on Dad
  • He doesn't read my blog like I wish he would so he probably won't read this post
  • He loves my cooking
  • He is so easy going
  • He loves the Mets, Lakers, Penn State & Washington Redskins and will stay up late to watch them play
  • He is not a good dance but it's cute when he tries
  • He is a great person
  • He makes friends easy
  • He is my BEST FRIEND and I thank God Every Day for him.


Anonymous said...

I do read every now and again. This is why I love you. You are the love of my life!!! I don't know where I would be with out you.

Anonymous said...

OMG... I think that is the most beautiful thing any wife has ever said,but the best part it is all true. I can imagine him doing all of that..he is HOT.!!Its' ok, I'm OLD...I can say that. :) Both of you are so blessed. loving partners,best friends,lovers.WOW you two have it all LOVE.....the best part is you'all make BEAUTIFUL BABIES !!!!


LISA said...


Jen said...

Very sweet, you too!