September 2, 2009

Emotional Places

One of my emotional spots hands down is the airport. I have been flying since high school traveling back and forth from NYC to ROC and back. In my time spent at the airport over the years I have experienced many things whether I have been in arrivals, departures or 15,000 feet in the air.

I love the feeling of waiting for my Dad and friends to arrive when they visit and to see them pop around the bend and we hug and kiss tears well in my eyes because at that time I am just so happy to see them and knowing they made is safe. Dropping off is another emotion of sadness because I don't want them to leave and not knowing when we will see each other again makes me feel bummed.

Mike has flown a lot for work and for him its not a big deal since he doesn't have a fear of flying but knowing when we drop him off that anything can happen and for that second when I think about it I become overwhelmed. There is nothing like getting that phone call saying "Honey we landed"

I have taken a few trips to NYC by myself and the feeling that I have 2 whole days to myself is great and I am so happy to get on that plane (xanax in hand of course) and landing in the big NYC is comforting. Getting on the plane to come home is a whole different game.
  • Sad - I am leaving a place I love and people I love
  • Nervous - I want to arrive safely
  • Anxious - I want to see my family that I missed
  • Realistic - I have a family and its back to reality
  • Happy - When my family is waiting for me
  • Tired - From a weekend of fun and being on a emotional roller coaster for the past hour.

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Anonymous said...

Your ups & downs are normal. You are blessed. :)