September 27, 2009

Listen very carefully

When I got my Ipod for mother's day I was happy and pissed at the same time. Happy because I wanted one and pissed because he spent the money.

4 months later and I just love the thing. It makes my walks way more enjoyable or sometimes when I am working and I am annoyed and can't stand to listen to people around me I just pop in the ear plugs and tune the world out.

What I love about listening to music on my Ipod is that all you hear are the lyrics to the songs and nothing else. When I listen to the radio in the car where really is the only other place I listen to music you have all this background noise so you can't really focus on the lyrics.

I have fell in love with so many songs because I really, really listen to what they are saying and the songs just put me in a different mood depending on the genre.

Next time your in a zone listening to your ipod really listen and appreciate every word to your favorite song and you will be suprised at what the words really are instead of thinking they were something else. I know I did. :)


Anonymous said...

Sadly people don't really listen. To each other, their children or to simple words of wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder which co workers you speak of :)