September 21, 2009

Simple Sunday's

Sunday was the most beautiful day. Warm and sunny but not quite like summer yet you can smell fall in the air. I love when Sunday's are simple and here are my reasons.
  • Kids enjoying playing outside not knowing that winter is around the corner and they will soon have cabin fever like the rest of us.
  • Grocery shopping with my babies, one in Wkids for some coloring and video games and the little one with mama sampling all the free goodies.
  • House cleaned
  • Clean sheets for everyone
  • Dinner made for Sunday and Monday
  • Catching up on "The Locator" while Jessi is sleeping, Mike mowing and Evelyn playing next door and can here everything because my windows are open
  • Bike riding as a family
  • Early dinner = Early baths = Early bedtime
  • The sound of Mike reading to Evelyn
  • Enjoying Simple days like these.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ah, the joys of youth,family & blessings. Nothing like it. :)