October 13, 2009

Where does the time go??

Leaving work yesterday in my winter jacket made me think the following.....

  • Feels like yesterday that I was wearing a bathing suit swimming in the pool now I am wearing a winter coat, trading sun tan lotion for hat and gloves
  • Getting winter stuff around when I was just buying summer clothes
  • Closing the pool and getting the yard ready for winter when we were just playing baseball, jumping on the trampoline, swimming in the pool and eating outside.
  • Going to open house at school and signing up for parent/teacher conference when we just picking out her first day of school outfit and seeing her get on the bus
  • Planning birthday parties and now buying Christmas presents
  • Wearing my beautiful wedding dress and marrying my best friend 7 years ago
  • Deciding to move to Rochester and it will be 5 years in Feb
  • Deciding to have a 2nd baby and she is now 17 months old
  • My 34 th birthday when it feels like yesterday I was out in the clubs till 5 am
Time flies by and it's sad especially as you get older and your kids grow up so fast when it feels like yesterday they were babies swaddled in their cribs. Enjoy every second of your life (now if I can only practice what I preach)


Anonymous said...

You've been gone for 5 years...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

you are truly an ole soul. :)