December 2, 2009

Find your own idea

I am a huge fan of Troy Dunn and The Locator on the WE network. I cry watching every episode. People come to Troy asking help to find a lost family member. Parents who gave up their child for adoption or the adoptee looking for the birth parent. Siblings separated for whatever reason, it just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Mike says if you watch one you seen them all kinda of like A&E's Intervention when people shooting up drugs he's a guy and I tell him it's the story behind it that is what gets me.

When I saw my sister for the first time at the age of 21 that could of easily been my episode and it would of been the most watched.

This week ABC has a new show called Find my Family. You friggin copy cats, this pisses me off you have no idea and I will not even give them the time of day and watch. I hope the ratings flop and the show is not successful.

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