January 28, 2010

Babies on the BRAIN

It seems that everyone around me either had a baby in the past week or is due any day and it has put baby thoughts in my brain big time.

I posted a comment on facebook the other day as disappointed and of course I get the the normal reaction from everyone why?????? I was not honest about the real reason why.

This is totally going to sound ridiculous and I am even embarrassed for saying it but it seems like every month when I get my lady friend I am disappointed. We are not trying in any way shape or form, we use protection every time so why would I even think the possibility of me being pregnant. I know crazy.

Mike is against having another baby and his reasons are legit but I don't care well I have to care because I kinda of need him to be along with the whole getting pregnant.

I had great pregnancies both times. With Evelyn I cried every day like someone was murdered and with Jessi it was going great until I had the whole herniated disk issue which made my last 4 1/2 months miserable because I was in so much pain.

We have had very good babies from the start great sleepers I mean honestly we have never had a night where we were up all night or every hour. The few times they did get up we get all pissy and Mike is like people do this every night. We like our sleep so this is a major concern of ours well mine since Mike is not even thinking of a 3rd baby.

I totally hated being pregnant but loved the whole labor and delivery and I think if I had a chance to do it again I might try it without drugs or even a water birth. After being home from work last Friday with my sweet Evelyn because of her stomach watching 3 episodes of TLC Baby Story doesn't help me.

Once Jessi was born I felt so complete and so in love and knew that she belonged in our family. The love we have for the girls is undescribeaCheck Spellingble and the love the girls have for each other can only be said as amazing and perfect. Only sisters can have a certain bond that is unbreakable.

It is a very hard decision to make I mean its not something you can say Oh wait I change my mind. Only time will tell.

Right now we are content with our family and feel very fortunate to have been blessed with healthy and happy children.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Who knew you felt that way? Yes, Mike must be on board :)