January 21, 2010

I Miss

I miss my best friend
I miss my family in NYC
I miss the feel of summer
I miss my bar days
I miss the feeling of a first kiss with that someone special
I miss my non responsibility days
I miss the hustle and the bustle
I miss my first apartment
I miss the way I felt on my wedding day
I miss the feeling of giving birth
I miss the feeling of seeing someone for the first time when you have been missing them
I miss Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins especially)
I miss when driving in the car to hang out was cool
I miss the feeling of not having a car payment
I miss my babies faces when I am at work
I miss that feeling of being on stage when I used to be in dancing
I miss my Honda Civic ( my first new car)
I miss the giddy girl feeling of being in high school and in love with that certain someone.

What do you miss?


Jen said...

I miss most of these too! Ahhh....I have to say Riggins the most tho! LOL! Is it coming back or not????

I love your lists. I think I might start a new blog that is JUST lists. So inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Let's see.....
I miss having a body next to mine
I miss my sons
I miss being a boss
I miss my younger days
I miss being thinner
I miss you


Anonymous said...

I miss my son
I miss my husband
I miss my "rudy"
I miss my "skinny" days
I miss my youth