January 16, 2010

Saturday Night Scene

It's Saturday night @ 11.52 p.m and have had a very long day but right now I am sitting in bed with my hubby next to me and codie under the blankets and Psychic Kids children of the paranormal on the t.v. What a way to end a day.

I am in my glory right now because I am blogging on a laptop in bed which I have been wanting to do for so long. I am easy to please. I don't have a laptop and really want one because after a long day I would love to sit in bed and blog about my thoughts and opinions of the day. I am using Mike's laptop from work. He is traveling for work on Monday through Thursday and needed the laptop. I am not sure if blogging on his work computer is the right thing to do but who cares.

Getting laptop friendly on the computer takes a while. The whole mouse thing and typing is a little tricky for me. Unfortunately I won't become friends with the laptop because it doesn't belong to us. I mean we should probably get one because well I want one.

Since I am in my glory right now I will tell you about my day.

Got out of bed at 8:15 that doesn't mean I was up at 8:15, If I remember correctly I think I was woken up at 7:00 or so and I really wanted to sleep today but the kiddies had other plans. Usually on the weekend they tend to sleep in. Sunday's are usually their sleep in day. Here's hoping.

After cleaning up a half of box of cereal due to my messy Jessi I got ready to start my list of errands. Evelyn and I ventured out and of course my sweet Evelyn had to put her party dress on to go to the store even though the party that we were going to wasn't until 4 she wanted to be ready at 11:30.

I returned something at Dress Barn that I got for Christmas and got a $51.99 credit which I am happy about. Don't' know if I will ever use it maybe will wait for the summer and buy me a nice summer dress. We went next store to Old Navy and the have a kick ass clearance section. I purchased a few things for my self for $1.49 and I am talking a shirt and some tank tops. I love when I get a sale. I want to know why these stores have out summer stuff ???? Bathing suits already. Evelyn of course is getting impatient so I took her home gave her some motrin and told her to have some quiet time because she has been under the weather and if she didn't lay down there was no party.

My mom came to visit this weekend so she was taking care of Jessi while Mike did his weekend job called the laundry. Came in the house and was home for 10 minutes and was out the door. I purchased myself a Dunkin Donuts coffee and hit up the Hallmark store. I could spend hours in the Hallmark store. They have these little books with such touching subjects and I was skimming through a few as tears are coming down my face. I loved the one about sisters. I am so glad that my girls have a sister. I buy cards when I read them and they touch me and save them for a rainy day or just keep them. I am a high valued customer at Hallmark.

I went to the craft store because I have this project in mind that I want to do for Mike's birthday on Friday. I was looking in the store trying to find the main thing for the project and I didn't see it and now I am getting hot and bothered. I finally asked someone and she said no they didn't have it so I had something else that I was going to substitute with but I wasn't happy so I said FUCK it dropped my basket and left.

Went to NY & CO since I had a coupon for 25% off because you know that is how they sucker you in. I saw this really nice jumpsuit and I was thinking to my self man you have to be really skinny since this thing will probably show every dimple and cranny hey I know I can buy a spank type thing at Dress Barn and then try it on. That's an idea......

Got home at 3:15 got ready and then back out the door at 4 to go to the party. Returned home at 7:30 and felt guilty since I really didn't spend time with Jessi today. After I did my motherly duties with Jessi I then went grocery shopping at 10 p.m. This is my new favorite time to shop there is no one in the store. Just me and the floor buffer. I like to have my Sunday's free to do stuff around the house and prepare meals for the week so when I come home all I have to do is stick it in the oven.

Well after 35 minutes on this lame ass post Mike is sleeping with his glasses still on and remote in hand. That's typical Mike. I might be a pro on this laptop thing after all.

Good Night.

I am not even reading this before I send it out because:

1. Nobody reads it
2. I am tired and I just don't want to


Anonymous said...

Hey, I read your blogs...buy yourself one of those new smaller netbooks. Just don't fall asleep with it and let it fall from your bed.

Anonymous said...

I read you blogs too. Wow.. you have busy Sats. Well, you are young & have little ones..to be expected..I use to but now old & lazy :) I really apprecitate your blogs.. you are very good mom & friend. You have a BIG HEART. :)