February 2, 2010

Feel Good February

This month is going to be good. I just feel it.

I have been feeling great now that the lady friend has passed. Mike and I went out Saturday night to his work party and while I was the DD I still had a great time oh yeah and looked smoking hot as usual.

I have been doing YOGA and I have never felt better. I love how my mind and body both feel and Mike is reaping the benefits from it. He even notices a difference and said to keep doing the YOGA. Hint Hint.

We got Evelyn's very first report card and I know its only kindergarten but it makes me feel good when the teacher has nothing but good things to say about your child and how well she participates and gets along with everyone.

I have a 1 hr massage on Saturday there are no words to describe a 1 hr massage.

Evelyn's first father/daughter dance this Friday. Mike and her are both excited. Can't wait to see her in her pretty purple dress.

I know a lot of people who are having birthday's this month including my mother. I feel good when I send people cards and Hallmark loves it to. I am a valued member of their store. Even with a $7.00 coupon I still spent $38.00.

It feels good to see summer clothes in the store. I LOVE summer clothes. I feel good knowing that summer is not to far off.

Valentines Day is approaching and I am going to bask in the day with all my love bugs in the house.

Bought tickets to see Daugherty on June 19th. ALways fun to go to a Saturday night concert. Consider it Date Night.

What do you feel good about this month?

P.S having a problem with downloading the pics to the computer. I feel I need to share some pics. It's been a while.


Anonymous said...

This is a VERY GOOD MONTH. :)

CassJustCurious said...

A 1 hour massage....you're right there are no words!

I feel good about so much this month....I guess we'll start with the emergence of Cadbury Mini Eggs at Walgreens.

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