February 14, 2010

Feeling Good

I started taking Vinyasa Yoga and I am loving it. This Yoga is free flowing with heat. The room is about 90 degrees with the heat blasting. I am not one to sweat but man does it feel good. It feels good on your skin, muscles and just puts you in this euphoric place for 1 hr and 15 minutes.

I am comparing Yoga to church
  • Yoga classes are on schedules just like church
  • You have to pay for Yoga classes just like church you need to pay with your donation
  • Downward facing dog is the main pose of Yoga just like saying amen in church
  • In Yoga you are with these people you don't know concentrating on their breath sweating like they have just been dipped in holy water being baptized as if we were in church or offering the sign of peace. Too intimate.
  • Yoga class feels good just like going to church
  • At then end of Yoga class you have the cool down or "the end of the practice". I experience the cleansing, emotional, inspirational, relax feeling like I do when I go to church.
Now if I went to church with Yoga who knows how I would feel? I notice a change in myself with this Yoga experience in my mind and body. I am doing this for myself and my well being and for that I am so happy.