February 24, 2010

The Simple Life

I try to make my life simple in every way possible from making dinners ahead of time to having our clothes ready at night and our daily baggage by the door so we don't forget anything and we can get up get dressed and get out.

Why then do I struggle with so many simple things?

  • Blogging - I don't always have to post and have this long drawn out post, it could be 5 only lines why should I let this get to me? Still have not figured out my camera and the whole downloading fuck up.
  • Relationship's -Dad, Mom,Brother, Friends.... some of the simplest relationship's can be the hardest
  • Health - I am trying on this on -. Baby steps, Baby steps
  • Making decisions, simple decisions - Everyday things like do I go to the store at lunch or go home to go take a #2 because I can't at work. I know crazy.

Simple - I'm done.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

God bless you if you can make life "just simple". sorry sweetie, it ain't going to happen. You are a great person but you are a worry wort..:) love ya