May 5, 2010

Date Night

The girls go by the in-laws on Tuesday night and I had plans on getting an oil change so I dropped them off and went home did a few things and then as I was pulling out Mike was pulling in and I said "Do you want to come with me" he said "sure" so I was happy.

We pulled into Delta Sonic and went in to the waiting area and as we were walking we had our arms around each other and I was just smiling and he gave me a kiss on my head and said we are having a date. We got a cup of coffee and sat and waited. It was nice.

I also wanted to stop at Walmart to pick up some things for Evelyn well $196.00 later we all got something. I love rocking the $4.00 long cami's but of course I don't buy one I buy 5. Hey when you like something and the price is $4.00 why stop at one. I wonder why at checkout I think oh maybe I spent $100.00 and its always double. Mike says just because things are cheap doesn't mean you buy 5. Hey what does he know?????????

Most Important we spent time together without the kids and that is good sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I best be quiet on this one. Shopping at Any Mart is not a date. You should of went home and had him place kisses on other spots. Done.