May 25, 2010

I am in Mourning

Watching T.V shows week after week, year after year you become attached to these characters.

Right now I am in mourning of Jack Bauer. After ten years of kicking ass, surviving beatings and tourture this guy has grown on me. Kinda of made me feel safe in a weird sort of way. Is there really a Jack Bauer out there creeping underground catching these SOB's that want to hurt us.? I hear there is talks of a movie. I hope so kinda of like Sex in the City.

When Beverly Hills 90210 was on and they graduated the same year I did I actually cried and my boyfriend at the time was making fun of me and I said to him "you don't know these people like I do" Come on that shit is funny.

My shows are on hiatus right now and a whole new group of "great" TV will consume my nightly hour of so I have to unwind.

What TV shows do you mourn?

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Anonymous said...

Little people big world
wow....mine are running this summer. :) NCIS,GHOST WHISPERER...