May 14, 2010


1. Why is it when people have to take a shit at work everyone goes into one particular stall? Do they think it will smell less?

2. I went to the GYN this week and when he took off his gloves from checking me, do you think the garbage filled with women's juices stink?

3. I did cut my hair shorter and when people say "It looks so cute" are they really telling me the truth? People I am 34 years old I am not cute, SEXY and BEAUTIFUL is more like it.

4. Why does this one particular women at work wear the most hideous clothes? It's 2010 you can get rid of your long ugly hair and your puke green pants with your faded black sweater and a t-shirt that is 10 sizes too big.

5. Why do people have their facebook profile as private? They should not be on facebook if you want your shit private.

6. Why did Casey make the top three in American Idol? It's rigged and FOX figures that all the cougars will keep watching.

7. Why is Russell still on Survivor? Do these people not see he is running things? I am team Russell so I say go all the way and you other 4 are blind asses.

8. Why doesn't my 75 year old father move by me instead of living by himself? Because he says he will be bored. REALLY?????

9. Why is Evelyn's t-ball on Saturday morning at 9am? This is just wrong.

10. Why does the church keep sending me letters saying I need to send them money because of tough economic times. WHAT???? This is why I don't go to church.

I love how fellow bloggers are dedicated to their blogs, Why can't I be like that?


Anonymous said...

1. preferred seating...
2. Yas and not something I would ever think about
3. a true freind would say sexy or beautiful. What Mike thought is most important. HHe has to live with you.
4. Lack of mirrors or most likely she's trailer trash. Ummmm you now live in the sticks. We have flying cars down here now, your's are just getting tires.
5. They want to keep their lives private but share with family and friends.
6. people still give a shit about American Idol?
7. he's 75 and fears change.
8. just to piss you off and get your ass out of bed on Saturday.
9. send them the money
10. you are not dedicated enough.

Oh you know who!

Anonymous said...

1. YES, it is the shit stall
2. UGH, that is just nasty.
3. you are opinion
4. Are you talking about me? No, I don't wear green pants. Who is it???
5. Who cares
6. Don't watch anymore..that is why
7. Survivor? please :(
8. she is correct, change. My dad on the other hand likes to stay with me BUT he does get bored.
9. Because they don't want the kids in the heat of the day. get up & shut up.
10. Church! I use to go

I forgot all about my blog. :)