June 23, 2010

How am I ??

In case your wondering how I am doing........

I am shocked how well I have been feeling. I might of have 3 days of being tired and spacey but overall I feel great. Today I had a little bit of anxiety where I felt I could not catch my breath but it never turned into a full blown panic attack so I guess that is a good thing.

I definately notice a different in my attitude towards things especially the way I handle things with my children. I know sad that I have to take meds to have patience with my kids. That's not the case at all but they do help.

We will be taking our annual week long trip in a week and I am trying to tell myself to pack early so I am not stressed about it and put too much thinking into it. Oh yeah and we are having a yard sale this weekend. Thank goodness for my friend Jen who is miss organization and I love that she is like that. I can always count on her to help my disorganization.

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Anonymous said...

G, Glad to hear you are feeling better. The true way to deal with children, hell all, is to take that step back before you blow. Think first and then take the appropriate action. Lashing out with the wrong words can hurt more then a tap on the behind.

Gotta love ya,
Your biggest fan
K (I'm fat)