June 30, 2010

One Word

Today at yoga we were doing tree pose and I usually just put my foot on the bottom part of my ankle because my balance is a little off well today I totally kicked ass and everything I did felt good so I kicked it up it up a notch and did the pose correctly where you put your foot on your opposite thigh and today I did it by one simple word. FOCUS.

The teacher was standing in front of me and she said to FOCUS on something that is not moving and I did. I mentioned I kicked ass right. As soon as I take my eyes off whatever I am focusing on I lose my pose. After 20 practices something clicked for me today.

This got me thinking about things in my life and everything that I FOCUS on moves. I am not sure if you can understand what I am getting at but I am sure a few of my readers all 3 of you can relate.

How can I FOCUS on the important things to me when life constantly is one moving object?


CassJustCurious said...

You just blew my mind a little bit. That is so true. When our attention is divided across so many different things and all of them are moving how CAN we focus? Oh goodness. This explains so much.

Anonymous said...

nice posterrrrr very intriging RCM

Anonymous said...

FOCUS on the big picture...moving or not. Live the moment. Hey,I have no idea.... :( but it sounded good.