June 16, 2010

Today is the Day

I have had a rough 3 days emotionally....

The past few months I have been suffering from anxiety / panic attacks (same thing I think) that are crippiling. I have been to the doctor and the usual was prescribed xanax, klonopin and when I have the attacks at work because 90% of the time that's when the happen I wouldn't take it because they knock me out and I would need to take a nap.

My doctor said how's the xanax working and I am like ok except I won't take it at work and he said then it's not working for you if you don't take it when you need it. I agree. I was then given an antidepressant and got it filled and it's been sitting on my counter for 2 months. Why don't I take it??? I have been suffering with some form of anxiety / depression / hormonal craziness since well into my 20's. I have been on them before and while they work wonders and to a person like me feeling normal is worth a million dollars. However I hate the transition period of sleepiness, dazed and confused and just being out of it. Once that passes its smooth sailing.

I went to see my cute GYN today and when he came in the room and asked me how are you I was all tears. He said this is all hormonal and if I don't take something this can consume and ruin my life. No kidding. Today is the day we (Mike and I ) decided to take this anxiety / panic/ hormonal craziness and kick it out of our lives.

I need this for my family and most of all myself.


Anonymous said...

You'll kick it. I had an anxiety attack once that lasted a whole week. It totally crippled me and I could not function. I could not talk to people, go outdoors or live my life. It happened during my divorce and I was still living at home. I feel for you.

CassJustCurious said...

I want to hug you because dude I feel the same way. I have had the anxiety meds on the counter for months to. I took it for a few months...I felt like I was wearing a band aid....in a bad way. I need to find something else because not having anything is not good for me....my anxiety is just off the charts. I need to find something.