August 3, 2010


I am still alive and enjoying every day anxiety free and it feels good really good.

I have not committed myself to ROC CITY MAMA because well I am committed to more important thing such as:

  • Having a garage sale
  • Yoga
  • Working
  • Reading my blogs
  • shopping
  • looking for daycare for Evelyn next year
  • trying to figure out when our next camping trip will be
  • going to NYC for a long weekend (solo)
  • cleaning
  • swimming
  • drinking coffee
  • paying bills
  • fixing the van
  • applying band aids on boo boo's
  • putting ear drops in Evelyn's swimmers ear
  • scrubbing dirty feet in the bath tub
  • buying school supplies
  • laundry

You get the idea...... I have been contemplating this blog's future for a while and not because I don't enjoy it because I do. A successful blog is a commitment am I the committed type? I need blogging for dummies.


Anonymous said...

I would say you do very well at all you have listed & blogging. Honestly, you are your own worst enemy...(sp)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Someone else beat me and posted a comment. And what they wrote is true. You need to vent, to let those emotions out. How long does it take, 5 - 10 minutes?
Stay with it. COMMIT!

Someone who cares......