August 31, 2010

Holy Spirit

When your children become older you have to involve them in extra circular activities which is good because it teaches them things they can only learn by being part of a team and bad well because it is a pain in the ass and it cost money.

Evelyn has been in dancing going on her 4th year, we have done swimming, softball and karate.
While some of them are beneficial to her such as swimming and karate the others not so much hey maybe one day will see her in Radio City Music Hall as a rockette or so you think you can dance or maybe even on the Olympic team for girls softball.

This one particular activity that I signed her up for well I have mixed emotions about.
I am talking religion classes or as the church puts it "Faith Formation classes".
I am no way a practicing catholic nor am I a church goer. I have baptized both my girls in the Catholic church and joined the parish. Big mistake. The church sends me an envelope every month for 4 weeks of donations or "offerings" to put in the baskets at Sunday mass. You know what I do with those envelopes??????. I received a letter a few months ago from the church that was a statement billing me for construction for the new entrance way, landscaping and other crazy things. I had to pay them $30 and Mike who does not have a religious bone in his body said you are not paying them.

I believe church has changed so much and as all things are about the money. When I was young my mother would take me to church and I would fall asleep then when me and my friends were old enough to go to church by ourselves we would go to church pick up the weekly flyer and then take the money that our parents gave us for the basket and go and eat pizza. Before I got married I went to church on my own for a little but then I heard things and was just totally turned off and the fact that it cost like $500 to get married in the church and the priest that married us had the balls to ask the best man for a donation. All about the $$$$$$$

I have taken Evelyn to church quite a few times and my mom and her have gone on their own and Evelyn seems to enjoy it. Well that all stopped and when we drive by the church Evelyn says to me "we have not been to church in awhile" mom guilt at it's best. If I want her to make communion next year then she has to take these classes so we opted for the family program which is one Tuesday a month. We will and her go to the church for 1 hr and take a class watch a video, or do an activity but we will have a book to take home that we have to do weekly assignments. Really???? I can tell you know if we have to do more work for this class then school I am raising Holy Hell.........

My mother and I were talking about this whole religion class and I told her you are going to be happy that I signed Evelyn up for religion class and she was and then she went on to say " I used to take you to church every fucking Sunday" Gotta love them Catholics.

The only thing that I am looking forward to is spending alone time with her and letting her make her own decision about religion and church.


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Anonymous said...

OMG....thank goodness I am Presbyterian..